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At HOWTOOL Hardware, building lasting partnerships with our customers is a devotion that spans generations. As a family owned and operated company, family and relationships are at the heart of who we are and the goals we strive to accomplish.

Our focus is to partner with clients all around the world to create mutually beneficial and close relationships that are properly set up to flourish well into the future.

Whether its guiding new customers through our various creative and manufacturing processes or partnering with familiar collaborators, clear, consistent, honest, and connected communication is the hallmark of our service. In our experience, ideal partner relationships are built on trust and transparency. Everything that we do is in service of that concept.

For 30+ years HOWTOOL has accumulated the first-hand experience and partner network required to transform concepts into shippable realities. We view ourselves as active participants in the development of our clients’ prospects.

The products that come from our facilities are scrutinized to ensure that they meet the quality standards of all our customers. We have the infrastructure and know-how to provide premier products. Our customers expect a high level of quality which we pursue passionately.

We also have the capacity and flexibility to offer both large and small volume orders; allowing us to grow and scale with our clients, as necessary. Extensive experience in shipping and controlling orders to all major online and physical retail platforms means that we are prepared the intricacies of any order type.

We are excited for the future and look forward to expanding our partner family.

Hardware by Us. Design by You.





TEL:+886-4-7689677 ( Mr. Ryan Hamamoto)


ADDRESS:16 Renyi Lane, Jhanglu Rd., Sioushuei, Changhua 50444

Business Type:Manufacturer, OEM, ODM


Main Export Product: Coat & hat hooks, handrail brackets, door pulls, clothes hooks, & knobs

Product Certification:D & B certification

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