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For over 30 years Hsi Yi Enterprise has established itself as a preeminent supplier of door stops, coat hooks, hook racks, handrail brackets, cabinet handles & knobs, picture hanging tools, etc. to markets throughout the world. Located in Central Taiwan, we have built a reputation on never compromising the quality of our items or the efficient, receptive nature of our customer service. All our products are manufactured in Taiwan with quality in mind. We pride ourselves on taking a customer centric approach which permeates through all facets of our company and has allowed us to cultivate long-term relationships with businesses of all sizes and profiles.
With the HowTool brand, we look to take full advantage of our quality, experience, and service advantages to evolve our business model. HowTool allows us to offer our range of products, along with our ability to develop bespoke items, directly to customers. With a multicultural staff of native English and Chinese speakers, we are uniquely positioned to provide transparent and clear communication without the hindrance of language barriers. 
Our goal is to position HowTool as a leader in product and service quality within the household hardware industry. It is our firm belief that our tireless focus on the needs of the customer will ultimately put us on the path to achieving this goal.

Reliable, Professional Manufacturer of Household Hardware.





TEL:+886-4-7689677 ( Mr. Ryan Hamamoto)


ADDRESS:16 Renyi Lane, Jhangle Rd., Sioushuei, Changhua 50444

Business Type:Manufacturer, OEM, ODM


Main Export Product: Coat & hat hooks, handrail brackets, door pulls, clothes hooks, & knobs

Product Certification:D & B certification

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ADD:16 Renyi Lane, Jhangle Rd., Sioushuei, Changhua 50444